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Celebration 2020

Roguelike Celebration 2020 is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday October 3rd and 4th, 2020 as a virtual event.

Submit a talk proposal

Roguelike Celebration is going entirely digital this year, which opens up a unique opportunity for community participation in a more freeform format than just the traditional talks/performances!

We're currently accepting submissions for virtual content of many kinds. We have some suggestions below for ways you can take part with a smaller time commitment than a full talk. We also welcome whatever zany ideas you'd like to put forward — just email us at!

Share and sell your work

Vendor Bazaar

We want to highlight community creators and encourage attendees to buy swag from you directly! If you make and sell (or share) art, printable zines, physical products, 3D printing patterns, or any other kind of item that is roguelike or procedural generation related, we'd love to host a link to your work via our future Vendor Bazaar on the Roguelike Celebration website.

Apply for Vendor Bazaar

Games Showcase

We're also doing a games showcase. If you're a developer and you'd like your game to be showcased, drop us a line!

Apply for Games Showcase

Participate in storytelling

Campfire Stories

Part of the joy of Roguelike Celebration is hearing the funny, poignant, or strange stories people have from their own experiences with roguelikes. We'd like to gather some of those stories and share them live during the conference. If you have an interesting story about your most shameful death, or how you got your dad to try Dwarf Fortress, or why your favorite roguelike is your favorite, we'd love to hear from you!

Tell a story!

Roguelike Cookbook

One of the fun touches we had at past Celebrations was themed and named drinks (including non-alcoholic drinks). Since we're digital now, we thought it would be fun to compile a Roguelike Cookbook, including food and drink. If you'd like to craft a recipe, submit it and we'll compile it into a cookbook, to be released during the Celebration.

Send in a recipe!

Monster Manual

Last year's Roguelike Celebration introduced the notion of proc gen spellcasting classes — but what monsters would these adventurers be facing? Submit your own ideas for the kind of beasts that roguelike developers and players face, to be collected into a Monster Manual!

Share a procgen monster!

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