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We like roguelikes

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Noah Swartz is the lead organizer

I'm a long time roguelike fan. I attended IRDC US in 2015 and 2016, and I work on this along with some close friends in San Francisco as a labor of love. I'm also the maker of @TinyDungeons!

Allison Hughes is a co-conspirator

I like working on fun projects with my friends! I'm a designer and you can check out my portfolio if you like.

Asheesh Laroia is a co-conspirator

(Sorcerer) In 2001, I was fascinated and confused to find Falcon's Eye, a GUI variant of NetHack, pre-installed on my Mandrake Linux system. I concluded that PINE was a more enjoyable video game, and I enjoy writing email to this very day. I'm a software engineer at, a founder of OpenHatch, a developer in Debian, a retired Xbox-Linux wiki admin, and a juggler.

Britta Gustafson is a co-conspirator

(Paladin) I've been playing Nethack since I was a kid, when I found it on a Mac OS 8 shareware games site. I like helping make things happen; I ran conferences as part of my old job, and I help run a nonprofit hackerspace for fun.

Em Lazer-Walker is a co-conspirator

(Bard Artificer) I've also been playing Nethack since I was a kid! I make experimental videogames and weird art installations. I've never made a roguelike, although I do a lot of work with procedural generation! If you'd like, you can check out my portfolio.

Philip James is a co-conspirator

(Sorcerer Bard) Philip discovered Roguelikes for the first time when he was looking for games to play on Linux. While at UCSC, he got caught playing NetHack in class by a professor, only to have the professor show his listing in the NetHack credits. Philip writes software for a living, and has too many online presences.

Colin Liotta is a co-conspirator

(Bard) I have ascended many times, but have died many many more times. I make games and puzzles and art with lasers. You can find my current work here and here.


Thanks to the many friends who have helped us make this happen, in big and small ways, including Danielle, Jay, Hillary, Doug, Amanda, Lee, and many others.

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