Roguelike Celebration @@@

Celebration 2018

The Roguelike Celebration happened on Saturday and Sunday October 6th and 7th, 2018 at the GitHub office in San Francisco.


Friday, October 5th

6:30pmPre-event meet-up at Thirsty Bear (661 Howard St)

Saturday, October 6th

9:00amDoors, coffee and breakfast provided by GitHub
9:45Welcome / Announcements
10:00Josh Ge: How to Make a Roguelike
10:30Santiago Zapata: Roguelikes as automated Dungeon Masters: a historical overview
11:15Andrew Aversa: Tangledeep and the Puzzle of Roguelike Difficulty
11:45Bob Nystrom: Is There More to Game Architecture than ECS?
12:15pmLunch provided by GitHub
2:00Jim Shepard: Storytelling, World Building, and You
2:30Jongwoo Kim: Subjective Simulation Design: Ludonarrative Congruence in the Shrouded Isle
3:15Alexei Pepers: Nethack: Tech Tourist Mode
3:45Thomas Biskup: Ultimate ADOM Preview
4:30Arcade + Mingling
6:00Dinner! Party! More Arcade!
10:00Go home to rest up for day 2!

Sunday, October 7th

9:00amDoors, coffee and breakfast provided by GitHub
9:45Welcome / Announcements
10:00Tarn Adams: Villains in Dwarf Fortress
10:30Brian Walker: Procedural level design in Brogue and beyond
11:15Danny Day: Dynamic Event-Listeners in Desktop Dungeons
11:45Thomas Biskup: There be dragons: Entity Component Systems for Roguelikes
12:15pm Lunch provided by GitHub
2:00Pippin Barr + Jonathan Lessard: Chess + Rogue = Chogue
2:30Leif Bloomquist: Multiplayer RogueLike for the Commodore 64
3:15Max Kreminski: Gardening as a Mode of Play
3:45Colin Liotta: Rogue Puzzles: A rundown of the roguelike puzzle in the 2017 MIT Mystery Hunt
4:00Lightning Talks (feat. Kawa & Alexei Pepers): Time for short talks - sign up here!
4:45Jason Grinblat + Brian Bucklew + Nick DeCapua: Choose Your Own Playthrough of Caves of Qud
5:30Farewell + post conference hangouts at a bar nearby!


2018's speakers included:

  • Tarn Adams - Creator of Dwarf Fortress - talking about Villians and other updates to Dwarf Fortress!
  • Thomas Biskup - Creator of ADOM - talking about Entity Component Systems in games!
  • Josh Ge - Creator of Cogmind - talking about how to make a roguelike!
  • Jim Shepard - Creator of Dungeonmans - talking about the secrets of storytelling in games!
  • Brian Walker - Creator of Brogue - talking about level generation techiques!
  • Santiago Zapata - Creator of Temple of the Roguelike and Ananias - talking about the history of roguelikes!
  • Max Kreminski - Computational Media PhD student at UC Santa Cruz - talking about gardening as a mode of play!
  • Colin Liotta - Jack of many trades - talking about his roguelike puzzle for the 2018 MIT Mystery Hunt!
  • Jongwoo Kim - Developer at Kitfox Games - talking about subjective simulation design and ludonarrative congruence!
  • Jonathan Lessard & Pippin Barr - Professor at Concordia University and Director of LabLabLab - talking about Chogue the chess roguelike!
  • Bob Nystrom - Game programmer and author of Game Programming Patterns - talking about techniques for game design!
  • Leif Bloomquist - retro game and electronic music enthusiast - talking about making a multiplayer roguelike for the Commodore 64!
  • Alexei Pepers - Game designer and accessibility researcher - talking about the joys of delving through the Nethack codebase!
  • Andrew Aversa - Creator of Tangledeep - talking about calibrating difficulty in games!
  • Danny Day - Creator of Desktop Dungeons - talking about dynamic event listener systems!

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