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Celebration 2017

Information from the Roguelike Celebration on November 11-12, 2017.

Video recordings of all talks are available on the Internet Archive and YouTube.

Tweet archive: #roguelikecel.


Friday, November 10

7:00pm   Pre-party at Game Nest (222 7th St)


9:00amDoors, coffee and breakfast provided by GitHub
9:45Welcome / Announcements
10:00Santiago Zapata: Conserving the classic roguelike definition, does it make any sense in 2017?
10:30Alan Malloy: Using data from Crawl game servers to influence game development
11:15Ben McGraw: How character build systems make for engaging game choices
11:45Jim Shepard: The history of metaprogression in video games
12:30pm Lunch provided by GitHub
2:00Tim Keenan: Melding curated narrative into the roguelike structure
2:30Joe Sondow: Twitter bots and procedural generation
2:45Matt Ritchie - talking about working on and completing a larger game in your spare time
3:15Darius Kazemi: How to use randomness and procedural generation to create interesting content
3:45Shawn Main: The role of randomness in games
4:30Thomas Biskup: Experiences about crowdfunding ADOMs, lessons learned, best practices and things to know before you do something potentially foolish.
5:00Choose-your-own playthrough of Caves of Qud
6:00Botnik comedy show
7:00Informal evening gathering at The Thirsty Bear, 661 Howard St.


9:00amDoors, coffee and breakfast provided by GitHub
9:45kick-off announcements
10:00Thomas Biskup: The future of ADOM
10:30Jason Grinblat: talking about procedural history generation in Caves of Qud
11:15Mike Lazer-Walker: Procedural generation and emergent storytelling in real-world / AR games
11:45Ben Berman: Level generation using machine learning
12:30pm Lunch provided by GitHub
2:00Leonard Richardson: Twenty years of robotfindskitten history.
2:15Cassie Stuurman: Your favorite Nethack food, slime molds
2:30Ian Holmes: Cellular automata for emergent dungeons
3:15Max Kreminski: How to craft compelling character arcs in procedurally generated systems
3:45Tyriq Plummer: The influence of roguelike mechanics on platformers
4:30Dan Recht: How roguelikes taught him how to lead a startup
5:00Nethack run(s) with Adeon
7:00Go home!

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